2020 BIO Digital
June 8-12, 2020
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We are excited to virtually meet you this year! Korea Bio-Tech Partnership (KBTP) is a sponsored event by KOTRA to help bring world-renowned Korean biotech industry one step closer to global communities. The South Korea delegation at BIO Digital 2020 showcases notable innovations. Meet 20 accomplished K-BIO companies that are leading the country's biotech industry via One-on-One Partnering program. Click links to see more information on each company and schedule your virtual meeting.
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- AI based Medical/Healthcare solutions ;
- AI based Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Solution. (Cerviray AI)
- AI based Brain Aneurysm Rupture Risk Detection Solution (NAO AI)
- AI based Stroke Management with Carotid Artery Solution
- Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by using ginormous health data to its maximum potential.
- Our leading-edge AI engine generates accurate predictions with data-driven insights and allows physicians to facilitate effective decision making.
- PiCO GO - A Digital Therapeutics (DTx) solution for childhood asthma patients that measure environmental (e.g. PM2.5, VOCs, etc.) and biometric data (e.g heart rate, PEFR, etc.).
- Data integration and analytics provide life-changing interventions with a smart mobile app and web dashboard for doctors and patients.
- Next Generation High-throughput Organ-on-a-chip Platform for Drug Discovery
- Vascularized Tumor Microenvironment, Perfused 3D Blood Vessels Networks, 3D Neuronal Network and BBB Research
- Bioinformatics startup with expertise in gene prediction using deep learning
- Develop an online platform where SNP/NGS DNA data can be converted to a high-resolution HLA genotype.
- GeneMedicine Oncolytic Virus exhibits superior attributes in respect to conventional or competitor oncolytic viruses.
- Efficiently evade host immune recognition and enable tumor-targeted systemic delivery of oncolytic virus.
- Developing a first-in-class oral CEMBT, Starvanip, NYH817100.
- New substance for the refractory cancer, cancer stem cell inhibitor, acidosis remover.
- AI-Data drivien drug discovery -  integrated platform for analyzing drug-induced transcriptome data.
- Drug-induced Transcriptome Platform, Assay Repositioning.
- Innovating diagnostic & therapeutic procedures in cardiovascular disease with AI.
- Enables 3rd party’s surgery robots to perform complex actions without human intervention.
- Developing biodegradable nanofiber chips with various medications for targeting microorganisms associated with periodontal diseases.
- Establishing controlled-release drug delivery systems based on electrospinning nanotechnology to treat diseases.
- Research and developing an inhibitory mechanism that can prevent cancer cell division through physical stimulation.
- Tissue regeneration induction, Nerve activity regulation, Cell profile inhibition.
- Research and development on regenerative skin, fillers, breast prosthesis for the next generation.
- Memory effect soft tissue prosthetics - we are a pioneer in anti-aging industry.
Seoul Metroploitan Government- Invest Seoul Center, SBA
- One-stop, comprehensive support center led by the City of Seoul to help create a business-friendly environment for global entrepreneurs.
- We help foreign businesses establish and expand operations in Seoul, also provide administrative support.
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- Cell reprogramming technology based on a set of core molecular pathways that influence cell differentiation.
- Medical Imaging - proprietary digital spectrometer system augmented by powerful gradient systems.
- Creates safe transporting environment through technological development and user-friendly design.
- Safety Brake System Development & Manufacturing (Brake for Wheelchair, Stroller, Tricycles, Hospital Beds)
- Developing multiple virus platforms for cancer therapeutics & vaccine development.
- RC402, RP116, MC509, SC717 selectively infect and kill cancer cells, and activate anti-cancer immune responses.
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